Three Holiday Content Marketing Campaigns That Gave a Rosy Glow This Year

It is official: the holidays are over. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I ate way too much of my sister’s homemade chocolate cheesecake and that I’m actually back at work today. But this is a good thing (well, at least the latter is). The reason being that although I was away for the majority of the week spending time with family, I was also feeding my workaholic side by checking e-mails on the daily—and spotting some great examples of holiday content marketing in the process.

As a consumer, content marketing makes me feel great. Whether it’s a daily newsletter, a blog, a special video or a simple e-mail, personal messages really do make me feel like brands know me by name and actually appreciate the money I spend with them.

Every single company should have had a holiday content marketing plan this season. Here are some great examples that I received from some of my favorite brands this week. For all of you out there with content marketing New Year’s resolutions, these are some invaluable tips for getting it right on the first try.

Kate Spade

Nothing brightened up my morning more than seeing this gem tucked neatly away in my inbox just waiting to be opened.

holiday CM 1

Why it works:

  • This e-mail, although simple, is tasteful and thoughtful—and that’s what matters most.
  • The message is catchy, short and has a jingle to it that puts the reader in a cheery mood.
  • Its message is also encouraging, kind and holiday-neutral.
  • It’s signed “from your friends at Kate Spade New York,” giving it a great personal touch.
  • The e-mail subtly markets its brand with a “Find a Shop Near You” section.
  • The store even offers e-gift cards that can be sent straight to loved ones’ inboxes as a last minute present.
  • The company makes sure to add a social media bar at the bottom including links to its Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest accounts.


Victoria’s Secret

As someone who is admittedly growing into a long-term customer, I was pleased with this e-mail from Victoria’s Secret this holiday season.

holiday CM 2

Why it works:

  • The subject header is clever but not tacky: “Joy to the girl (that’s you)!”
  • The brand always follows through with its theme of classic femininity—the kind that gets girls hooked. The message inside reads: “Have the holiday you’ve always dreamed of.”
  • Taking this a step further, the brand actually thanks its reader “for keeping our days merry and bright,” assuring the customer that they are a truly valued one.
  • The company includes a holiday video featuring its world-renowned Victoria’s Secrets Angels performing music to a common holiday jingle. You can watch the video here.
  • Similar to Kate Spade, the e-mail concludes with a “Get Connected” bar including links to its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram accounts.


Barclays Center

After recently purchasing tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Barclays Center in February (so excited!), I was impressed to have received a “thank you” e-mail, let alone a kind and thoughtful holiday eNewsletter. It makes me want to choose this venue more often for my concert going ventures.

holiday CM 3

Why it works:

  • The organization embeds a “Happy Holidays” video to its viewer. Although it’s not as thorough as Victoria’s Secret’s video, it’s still kind and thoughtful. You can watch that video here.
  • Because this is a newsletter, the message dually functions as a news update including upcoming events.
  • It includes MTA directions from a multitude of different subway lines for those who may be unfamiliar.
  • Like all of those before it, Barclays includes a simple list of communication icons—including social, mobile and e-mail—at the top of its message.

Speaking from a professional perspective, content marketing is a truly easy way of securing the ultimate customer relationship. It is an effortless method when compared to other business endeavors and it gives business owners a wide window of opportunity to show their customer base just how much their company really cares about them.

Which of these three holiday content marketing tactics do you like best?