Three Ways to Take Your Blogging Strategy From Lifeless to Lively

shutterstock_94805161Is your blog traffic low? Are you struggling to catch the attention of readers? Blogging is an essential piece of the content marketing puzzle. However, it’s one of the most challenging aspects. Let’s face it; developing fresh, engaging content on a consistent basis can be enough to make your head spin. Nevertheless, it’s important to the success of your content marketing strategy.

So if you’re blogging strategy is stuck in a rut, don’t worry: we’re here to help. Below are three ways you can take your current strategy from lifeless to lively:

  1. Get creative with promoting content: Chances are you already use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to promote content, which is great considering that these networks are extremely popular. But don’t limit yourself. There are a number of ways you can promote fresh content other than social media:
  • Ask readers to subscribe: How can you expect visitors to read your blog if they can’t even find it? Display a clear call-to-action on your website prompting visitors to subscribe to your blog. This way, they’ll get an email every time you publish a post.
  • Syndicate on other sites: Republishing content as-is on another industry-related websites, also known as content syndication, is another effective way to extend the reach of your content. If you choose to syndicate, always remember to include a backlink to your blog with each syndicated article to ensure traffic flows back to your blog.
  • Add a link to your email signature: Think about how many people you email throughout the week. Adding a link to your blog on your email signature is a great way to remind customers and/or prospects that you have a blog.
  1. Provide a variety of content: Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Providing a wide range of content— such as infographics, videos, eBooks, how-tos, even memes—will keep readers engaged and wanting more. To test the waters, pick one or two new content types to start and put them into your editorial calendar. If you don’t plan ahead, chances are it won’t get accomplished. If you don’t have a large budget, we suggest starting with an instructional how-to post.
  2. Think like your customers: You’re probably reading this article because you’re a marketing professional or business owner who’s looking for tips on how to improve your blog traffic or maybe you’re just getting into the content marketing game. Am I right? When creating content, it’s important to think like your customers. What’s important to them and what do they want to know? Creating content that’s solves their problem will position you as their go-to advisor (and loyal reader).

Few bloggers become successes overnight—it takes time and effort, so don’t give up.  To learn how we can help you boost your blogging efforts, check out our most recent video by clicking here.

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