Free People: Delicate Fashionistas, Hardcore Content Marketing Strategists

Free People is a women’s fashion retailer, which for the most part appears to be run by a group of bohemian flower children. But, don’t be fooled by the company’s laid back demeanor and whimsical appearance as it packs a powerful punch when it comes to content marketing. Marketers and brands alike have much to learn from Free People’s use of multichannel marketing. Here are some different mediums they use to show off their creative strategy:

Email Marketing: Every day I receive an email from Free People prompting me to check out their latest collections and newest sale items. While I get similar emails from plenty of other brands, I only open Free People’s.  Why? Because their content is rich with eye-catching imagery and flowery language that I, a fashion lover, find engaging. For instance, the email promotion for Valentine’s Day featured images of dried petals, lacey materials, and capricious phrases such as “light my fire” and “sweeten the deal.”I can almost smell the scent of rose petals emanating from my computer screen as the content is that vivid. Before I know it, I’m on their website shopping; it worked, they reeled me in. The company’s strategy is foolproof.  By maintaining a consistent brand image and providing relevant, engaging content that consumers crave, you too can prevent your emails from being put in the dreaded trash bin.

Social Media: Free People plays up its strengths, leveraging marketing platforms that allow the retailer to showcase its clothing and products in the best light. For example, social platforms such as Instagram work wonders for their brand, as they can easily distribute share-worthy content for their many followers. Not only does Free People post gorgeous photography featuring models donning turquoise jewelry, but the brand also reposts photos of its customers. Integrating your consumers in your strategy is a great way, if the not the best way, to fully engage your target audience and show that they are top of mind. Consumers desire a connection with the brands they love, show them you care!


Blogging: Free People’s blog shows marketers how to create attention-grabbing content like a true expert. From DIYs to fashion tips to interviews with laidback ladies such as pro-surfer Sage Erickson, the blog is jam-packed with noteworthy content. The photos and copy are consistent with the carefree vibe that is the brand. Consumers who love this brand will want to know its opinions on subjects beyond fashion advice, and this blog offers it all. Free People shows its viewers that it is more than just a clothing brand; rather, it’s a lifestyle. Does your blog effectively portray your brand’s lifestyle? How can you keep your consumers coming back to your blog for more?

Perhaps, all I’ve done here is reveal my own obsession with this brand. But, hey, who doesn’t want their brand to be obsession worthy? Free People shows marketers and brands how to kick up their content marketing a notch. Click here to learn more about ramping up your own content marketing strategy.