What Exactly is Good Content Marketing?

As a business manager, you have probably come across the same content marketing tips repeatedly. While some of these slivers of advice are helpful, others are so vague that they are a waste of everybody’s time. One tip that tends to pop up fairly often is to make sure to produce quality content. The phrasing may change slightly from article to article, but the message is generally the same. CM_Underline

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The Rise of Native Advertising for Content Marketing

Have you ever been on the Web and seen an article that really appeals to your interests, only to find that it’s an advertisement? All of a sudden that really funny, interesting, insightful article you couldn’t wait to explore is stripped bare, exposing its true identity: A fallacious marketing ploy to gain your attention. This type of scheme – called an “advertorial” – can feed a customer’s distrust in a company rather than destroy it. And that’s exactly where native advertising comes into the picture.

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Don’t Forget The Sauce!

You have your shiny shoes on, crisp shirt freshly pressed, nice slacks and funky belt. She has on her silky dress, her shiny shoes and her swanky purse. You heard about a great new Italian restaurant owned by that famous TV chef and are anticipating experiencing what everyone is talking about. The talk of the town is their special; a must-have on the menu.  The critics have raved about it all week. As you walk up to the restaurant it is pulsing with energy.

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Your Content Marketing Mantra for Today – ‘Let it Be’

let it beOver time, we have shifted from traditional marketing campaigns (i.e. mail-ins, door-to-door and print advertisement) to a world filled with competitive online strategies. It’s no surprise this move to the digital realm has shaken up the brand strategies of many. In fact, when recently asked what their current biggest marketing challenge was, 43 percent of marketers noted that they struggle with differentiating themselves in the marketplace and 29 percent reported that they experience difficulty defining target audiences.

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the Beatles’ final album release, “Let it Be.” So, if you’re facing some corporate branding roadblocks, consider these words of wisdom for getting your name in the minds of your online audience. When it comes to content marketing strategy, let it be…

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Don’t be Afraid of the Digital Marketing Monster

I’ve never known a child who did not have at least one kind of irrational fear, perhaps one of the biggest being nighttime monsters in the closet.  This very common fear has cracked open the bedroom door for many children, but as adults, we know these once terrifying tales are just age-old myths.  So…why do we have similar content marketing fears?


Perhaps the biggest reason seems to be from marketers’ collective fear – or general uncertainty – of taking their campaigns to the digital realm. A quick scan on the Web reveals that many individuals are searching for countless articles ranging from “fears that keep digital marketers up at night” to “why marketers should fear digital marketing.” It cannot be disputed that we are indeed amidst a great marketing revolution. In fact, 22 percent of online adults in the U.S. are connecting everywhere, and frequently, according to Research Director and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Melissa Parrish. This is a huge need that marketers should be aiming to meet, yet some are not.

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April Showers Bring Fresh Social Media Strategies

Every minute, 100,000 new tweets are published and six million Facebook pages are viewed, and these numbers only represent what happens on the Internet every 60 seconds. Can you imagine what this will look like in the future? Allow us to put this into perspective for you.

Today’s number of networked devices is equivalent to our global population, and by 2015, this number of networked devices will be twice that of the global population.

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3 Brands to Learn From on Social Media

Many brands have jumped on board the social media bandwagon, but there are a few who have made an exceptional impact. Old Spice, Sephora, and Lay’s recently ran campaigns with exemplary results that all companies can learn from.

Old Spice

Old Spice

You can’t talk about successful social media campaigns without a mention of Old Spice. The campaign features the “Old Spice Guy,” aka “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” who is strong, charming, and smells great. The series of videos are quick, witty and comical. The best part of this campaign? The “Old Spice Guy” responded to their fans in real time through video.

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5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes You May Not Know you’re Making – Part One

Every business knows the importance of promoting the company brand through marketing, but as easy as that may sound, it is not. There is a very fine line between positive efforts that are misinformed. It is very easy to do more harm than good. Here are some common offenses you may not even know you’re committing.

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How to STINK at Content Marketing

Content marketing is King. We all know the importance of it. There are countless studies, data and reports that remind us that websites feed off of the time and energy we inject into our content.

Content is the protein that websites need to make them strong, vibrant and profitable. Content Boost can help you improve audience engagement, traffic to your website and augment social media presence.

But for all you B2B, B2C, not for profit, entrepreneurs or solo-preneurs out there, who want to see how other companies effectively sabotage their content marketing strategies, please take a look at this awesome slideshow:

How to STINK at content marketing