Don’t be Afraid of the Digital Marketing Monster

I’ve never known a child who did not have at least one kind of irrational fear, perhaps one of the biggest being nighttime monsters in the closet.  This very common fear has cracked open the bedroom door for many children, but as adults, we know these once terrifying tales are just age-old myths.  So…why do we have similar content marketing fears?


Perhaps the biggest reason seems to be from marketers’ collective fear – or general uncertainty – of taking their campaigns to the digital realm. A quick scan on the Web reveals that many individuals are searching for countless articles ranging from “fears that keep digital marketers up at night” to “why marketers should fear digital marketing.” It cannot be disputed that we are indeed amidst a great marketing revolution. In fact, 22 percent of online adults in the U.S. are connecting everywhere, and frequently, according to Research Director and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Melissa Parrish. This is a huge need that marketers should be aiming to meet, yet some are not.

Could it be that going digital has revived these same childhood trepidations in marketers?

Digital marketing is the furthest thing from a sharp-toothed, three-eyed beast; conversely, it’s a platform revolutionizing the marketing space, offering ample revenue opportunities and ways to further strengthen brand strategy. Digital marketing surpasses traditional marketing techniques that are undoubtedly being phased out. A marketing age that once consisted of mail-ins, direct mail, in-person and door-to-door strategies has been irrevocably replaced with e-mails, mobile devices, Facebook and online shopping.

If you’ve been getting by with traditional tactics, you’ll soon find that not only will these methods begin to dissipate over time, but your competitors have already been digitally marketing for years now – leaving you a few steps behind in the game.

And although we’re marketing in a digital world, that doesn’t just mean online. A big slice of the digital marketing pie consists of mobile. It’s what helped Facebook increase its first-quarter sales by almost 40 percent as well as exceed analyst projections. And according to the company, mobile made up about 30 percent of its advertising revenue – an increase of 7 percent from that time last year.

At a loss of where to start with your digital marketing strategy? One way to optimize this is by using video. Global consumer video traffic has more than doubled since 2010, and is being estimated to quadruple by 2016. With such things as Twitter’s “Vine” app and Facebook’s mobile video sharing, digital marketing and video have combined to become the next best thing for brand strategy. In fact, a staggering 87 percent of marketers in the United States use video for content marketing, according to a recent infographic from Überflip.

There’s never a finish line when it comes to strengthening your brand’s digital presence. More importantly, it’s never too late to start in the race. But first, hop out of bed, open your closet door and face your fears.