Time Management Tips from Marketers: How to Handle Weekly Obligations

As a marketer it can be tough handling countless, never-ending obligations on a week-to-week basis. If only we were tasked with sitting down and banging out 20-plus stories by the end of the week we would feel infinitely less stressed.

But this is the real world where marketers have calendar pop-ups and strategically placed post-it notes to remind us to update editorial calendars, review client workloads, conduct weekly client calls and attend monthly internal team meetings, among many other responsibilities. Before you know it, that once blank schedule is now filled to the brim with a number of seemingly small tasks that quickly add up—and it can be completely overwhelming.

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Why Google’s Knowledge Vault Should Be On Your Radar

There’s a one buzzword that is gaining an increasing amount of attention in content marketing: accuracy.

Right now, it’s relatively easy for a website loaded with misinformation to rise to the top of Google’s search engine rankings; all it takes is enough people linking to the website in order to inflate it past credible sources. This is a problem for Google, as the company’s goal is to be the most accurate source of knowledge on the Web.

shutterstock_172659857In order to solve this problem, Google is developing a project called Knowledge Vault. For quite some time now, researchers at Google have been collecting vast amounts of information from across the Web and sorting through the data to determine specific truths. For instance, an example one such truth would be “grass is green.” Continue reading “Why Google’s Knowledge Vault Should Be On Your Radar”

Content Boost’s ‘Journey to 300 New Subscribers in 60 Days’

first-placeFor marketers, the summer is anything but relaxing. With the bustling tradeshow season well underway and 20 other projects on your plate, your blog might be feeling a little neglected. Luck for you, Content Boost has the solution to your problem. We are excited to announce our latest contest “Journey to 300 New Subscribers in 60 Days.” We are giving everyone a chance to win THREE free blogs written by our expert in-house editors—yes free! Continue reading “Content Boost’s ‘Journey to 300 New Subscribers in 60 Days’”

When was the Last Time You Had a Conversation with Your Consumers?

phootWhen was the last time you were prompted to buy something after seeing a television commercial, a billboard or a newspaper ad? Now think back to the last time you made a purchase after receiving an email, reading a blog or seeing an ad on social media. If you’re like me—and I’m assuming most of you are—then you’ve probably done the latter. Continue reading “When was the Last Time You Had a Conversation with Your Consumers?”

A Superhero in the Real World

In addition to the wonderful food and immense cheer, this year’s office holiday party included a welcome surprise gift. Everyone here at Content Boost, and our parent company TMC, received a Chromecast, the new Google platform that allows users to enjoy online content on a television screen.


As soon as I opened the gift I realized I was quite familiar with the product through its television and YouTube commercials. Most commercials barely register with me, as I am typically either fast-forwarding through them on my DVR or half-listening from the kitchen as I microwave something to eat. The Chromecast commercial, however, stuck with me to the point that I recognized the device and remembered its function as soon as I saw the box.  Why you ask? Batman, of course.

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Three Easy Ways to Instantly Engage More Customers Using Your Facebook Page

facebookSay what you will, but Facebook still reigns as one of the world’s top social networks. According to the latest study by GlobalWebIndex.com, Facebook boasts a nearly 50 percent utilization rate by active Internet users worldwide. Facebook usage is also highest in North America with a 59 percent utilization rate among active users. Meanwhile, Google+ only achieves 15 percent and Twitter 25 percent.

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5 Content Marketing Statistics That Your Boss Can’t Ignore

Mr. Burns

Last week we gave you three reasons your boss would say ‘yes’ to content marketing to help you work up the nerve to march down to the corner office and propose a content marketing initiative.

Hopefully your boss saw the light and you’re busy developing a killer content marketing plan with his or her full support.

But if not, and your boss still needs convincing, read on for five content marketing statistics that simply can’t be ignored: Continue reading “5 Content Marketing Statistics That Your Boss Can’t Ignore”

10 Things Never To Do On Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote your brand, but if you’re making these mistakes, you’re risking send all your hard work right down the drain.

  • It’s been a month since you’ve posted. The frequency of posts often depends on the social media platform, but as a general rule – post daily! If you know you’re going to have a hectic day and won’t have time to post, schedule your messages through services like HootSuite or TweetDeck .
  • You don’t’ respond to comments. Your followers took the time to reply to one of your comments or tag you in a post. Show them the same respect – reply to them, even if it’s simply a quick thank you.
  • Me, me, me. Everyone loves talking about themselves and their business, but not everyone loves to hear about it! Especially when it’s overly self-promotional.
  • You’ve paid for friends. You can find many sites out there offering to sell you hundreds or thousands of fans. Promise me you won’t do it. You’ll get low quality followers who don’t care about what you have to say and may not even be real people. Quality over quantity, friends. Continue reading “10 Things Never To Do On Social Media”

Longform Journalism – Forget About the Price Tag

When I started researching stories and statistics for this blog post, I didn’t know much about longform journalism. So, I got comfy in my swivel chair and, of course, implemented my first course of action – Googling the term. The search engine brought me first to Esquire magazine’s recent foray into pay-per-article longform, then to a review of the website Narrative.ly. And just like that, this form of reporting of which I had never heard had captured my heart.


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Content Marketing: Your Biggest No-Brainer this Month

Oftentimes, the best decisions we make are those that we don’t over-think but, rather, those that just feel innately right to us.

Maybe for you it was affirming to not come to work on a Monday and instead setting out on a six-month European adventure—a journey about discovery, reflection and passion.

shutterstock_76265521Or perhaps it was when you chose to uproot your life and move to San Francisco, one of the hottest technology areas, saying goodbye to your decades-long career as legal counsel at a massive retail company and hello to your new CTO position at the technology company of your dreams. Continue reading “Content Marketing: Your Biggest No-Brainer this Month”