A Superhero in the Real World

In addition to the wonderful food and immense cheer, this year’s office holiday party included a welcome surprise gift. Everyone here at Content Boost, and our parent company TMC, received a Chromecast, the new Google platform that allows users to enjoy online content on a television screen.


As soon as I opened the gift I realized I was quite familiar with the product through its television and YouTube commercials. Most commercials barely register with me, as I am typically either fast-forwarding through them on my DVR or half-listening from the kitchen as I microwave something to eat. The Chromecast commercial, however, stuck with me to the point that I recognized the device and remembered its function as soon as I saw the box.  Why you ask? Batman, of course.

To illustrate how Chromecast allows users to move online content directly from a computer or phone to a television, Google created commercials where people are actually using the device. One of the commercials features a scene from one of my all-time favorite movies, “The Dark Knight.” The scene Google used for its ad involves Christian Bale’s Batman converting his damaged Batmobile into a motorcycle during his pursuit of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Side note: the scene is awesome.

I love Batman. I half-jokingly asked my fiancée if I could wear a batsuit on our wedding day—and got a predictably negative response. But millions of people love the character as well, which is why using the commercial was effective and why I am willing to bet it stuck with others as well. Simply put, Google created a memorable real-world example to illustrate the benefits of its product.

These kinds of relatable scenarios are some of the best tools for content marketing, because they accomplish two things: first, they explain clearly the product’s benefits; second, they stay with the consumer long after the content is seen or heard. Your company might not be able to leverage Batman, but it can certainly come up with creative ways to engage your target. Whether your content tells the story of a small business owner saving money on fuel with your GPS tracking equipment or helping a family to be a little healthier using its vitamin supplements, it should encourage the consumer to imagine using your product.

One of the reasons I love Batman is that he has no actual superpowers; he just uses intelligence and creativity to get the job done. Coincidentally, these are two of the necessary ingredients for effective marketing. So the blueprint for success is there, should you choose to follow it. Will you be a content marketing superhero?