What Aerial Yoga Taught Me About Marketing

Aerial_YogaI’ve been practicing yoga for a few years now, but my recent discovery of aerial yoga has taken my love of Zen to a whole new, borderline obsessive, level. If you haven’t heard of aerial yoga, it’s essentially regular yoga but instead of downward dogging on your mat, you’re suspended, often upside down, on silks.

After convincing a couple of my friends that they wouldn’t walk out with a fat lip or black eye, they agreed to join me for a class. It was challenging, engaging, peaceful, fun, and made me want more. I talked about it all week long until my next class, and as soon as the class was over I was already looking for another one—I needed more and I needed it now. I even posted about it through my social media accounts and told everyone who I thought would be interested.

And just like that, I went from someone who thought it would be a fun Saturday afternoon activity to the biggest aerial yoga advocate. I’ve even managed to successfully convince several people to shell out their hard-earned cash to try out my new-found passion.

So why am I blabbering on and on about aerial yoga? Of course, there’s a marketing lesson in here. Actually, there’s a few:

  • Be targeted in your marketing efforts. I didn’t go around raving about aerial yoga to my dad and grandma because quite frankly, they probably wouldn’t care. My approach was more focused to who I thought may genuinely have an interest. Why bother trying to convince someone who ultimately won’t be responsive to it? You should look at your marketing messages the same way. I’ve heard it a thousand times from clients: “But I want everyone to be interested in our brand.” Unfortunately, that’s just not reality. I want your brand to succeed, and trust me, you’ll do a much better job getting there if you know who your core audience is.
  • Be patient. Some people take longer than others to warm up to new ideas. When I first mentioned the idea of aerial yoga to a few of my friends, they looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. But for a few of them, I could see the curiosity in their eyes. I mentioned it to this group again and got a much better response the second time around. In fact, one of these original nay-sayers ended up trying it out and loved it. Without being pushy, don’t be afraid to share your message to the same audience multiple times. You never know who will eventually warm up to your brand.
  • Know your value. There are tons of ways to get in a good workout, so why should my friends and family want to join me in doing aerial yoga over their usual, familiar routine? Well, there are about 10 unique reasons. Your brand is unique. Find out what makes it better than your competitors. But make sure that the answer is not just something your sales team knows, but all of your employees know and can effectively communicate. What’s more, ensure that that value is clear in your brand’s identity and messaging.

So go on, try a class out for yourself and see what you can learn about your marketing strategy along the way.

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