Need Help With Your Next Product Launch? Introducing Product Boost, Our Newest Program

shutterstock_130537106Launching a new product or service is certainly the type of behemoth task likely to keep you up at night. Chances are you toss and turn, agonizing over the answers to questions such as: Do I know what it takes to launch a product effectively? Am I using the right vehicles? What if our latest offering fails? Unfortunately, your fears are warranted.

Did you know that 66 percent of new products fail within two years and that 96 percent of all innovations fail to return their cost of capital? Regrettably, if you dig deeper, you will most likely uncover more harrowing figures.

Product launch fear is something we’ve been taking notice of for some time now. We will often come across clients, for instance, who are confident in their existing marketing strategies until a product launch is added to the mix, and then they come up short on the go-to-market end. Moreover, we held a webinar earlier this year that centered wholly on product launches and the dangers of going it alone. The number of registrants and great questions that were submitted confirmed what we’d thought all along: Companies struggle with where to start when it comes to introducing a new innovation to the market, particularly one that is becoming overly saturated.

We want to help. So, this month, we are excited to introduce a new product to our Content Boost line, Product Boost—a three-month custom content blitz campaign that provides you with a fail-proof marketing and product strategy as well as SEO-driven marketing copy for your next launch. Our goal is simple: to amplify your next product launch.

Here’s just a small teaser of what you get when you team with us to propel your new product:

  • Blog and news articles optimized for specific keywords related to your unveiling
  • An official press release/product announcement
  • White papers and case studies
  • Social media updates

There is lots of great information already available to give you more insight into our latest unveiling! Please feel free to check out:

Happy product launching!