If Your Blog Were a Refrigerator, What Would it Look Like?

Pouring mustard onto your hot dog should be one of the easiest things in life. Unfortunately, as “Good Eats” host Alton Brown pointed out in a recent YouTube post, it’s often a terrible process. Condiments tend to coagulate in the bottle, which makes it exhausting to squeeze them out. And since the bottles are bulky by design, storing them in a refrigerator rack is difficult, awkward and messy.

But as Brown proved, there is an easier way to organize your favorite condiments. By simply cutting off the top of an egg carton and storing the bottles top-down, you can solve both problems at once. All of the bottles can be kept in one place, and all of the liquid sits near the top which means easy access.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUig9IAwggM]

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If Jack White can Produce an Album in One Day, You can Get Your Blog Moving Too

Fans of Grammy award-winning artist Jack White certainly know the man is prolific. White, who burst onto the music scene as the guitarist for the White Stripes back in 1999, is also known for his work with the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather. Now, White is launching a solo music career as well—and he is out to prove something else in the process: his creative speed.

Jack_White_OttawaOn April 19, White will attempt to set the world record for the fastest recorded album ever. Sources indicate that White plans to record and release the title track of his album all in one day. In order to accomplish this, the song will be performed and transferred directly to acetate right in his Nashville, Tenn. studio, Third Man Records. Then, the tapes will be immediately sent down the road to United Record Pressing where they will be turned into 45s. The records will then be rushed back and will go on sale later in the day at Third Man.

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What We Can Take Away from Facebook’s Oculus Rift Purchase

Right now, all the focus in the marketing world is on mobility, as the number of smartphones in use topped 1.4 billion in 2014. But everyone wants to know: What will come after mobile? This week, Facebook gave a strong indication of what’s coming down the pike next when it announced it acquired the Irvine, Calif.-based company Oculus Rift for $2 billion.

Oculus Rift, which makes an advanced virtual reality headset, is being hailed as the next major solution in the tech industry for its ability to literally transport users directly into a three-dimensionally rendered environment. Instead of staring at a screen, in other words, a user can be completely surrounded by it.

13013107993_9f0de59bcb_oRight now, Oculus Rift is primarily a video game platform. But according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the platform has the potential to do a lot more than entertain. As Zuckerberg explained recently, Oculus Rift will transform the way that people learn, experience entertainment and communicate in the future.

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Content Marketing Got Us to the Moon. What Can It Do for Your Brand?

If someone were to ask you how the U.S. first landed on the moon, your first response would probably be “in a rocket ship.” But did you know that it was actually content marketing that drummed up enough support from the American public to actually drive the initial lunar mission in the first place?

As “Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program” co-author David Meerman Scott explained in a recent Forbes interview, when President Kennedy first challenged the U.S. to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade in 1961, he faced an awesome task.

8252445373_73e38a057d_z“Imagine convincing the American public to spend as much as four percent of the national budget in some years, to send twelve people to the surface of the moon,” Scott said. “It was a crazy thing to do and marketing got us there.”

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California Dreamin’: State Tourism Board Takes Over YouTube

If you’re like me, then you are probably looking out the window wishing it were 70 degrees. Like the majority of the U.S. population struggling to get through February, I’ve had enough. I’m ready for spring.

Big_Sur_Coast_CaliforniaAnd if you’re like me, you probably can’t just get up and go to California on whim, where it actually is 70 degrees and sunny. But you can check out the state tourism board’s new Dream 365 project, where you can salivate over documentaries depicting people bicycling across the Golden Gate bridge, surfing through tidal waves, playing music on mountainsides and skateboarding on a half pipe in the middle of the ocean. And while you’re at it, if you aren’t already packing your bags, you can learn about a great new content marketing strategy that your business can use to spread brand awareness and get people excited about what you are doing: a YouTube takeover. Continue reading “California Dreamin’: State Tourism Board Takes Over YouTube”

Facebook Takes One Giant Leap for Content

Up until recently, things were getting a little weird on the Facebook News Feed. Where else could you find cutting-edge industry stories mixed in with cat memes from your aunt? The News Feed was failing to deliver relevant information, and it was frustrating both businesses and end users.

492730401_fa847f3771_oIn response, the company has made some recent changes that are sure to clean up the News Feed and keep users on the site. In December, as the company celebrated its 10th birthday, it rolled out a new application designed to streamline the news delivery system. The update is called Paper, and it allows users to browse Facebook on their own terms by categorizing content according to subject matter. Now there are about 20 total categories that users can receive content in including Sports, Tech and Headlines. Users can individually customize their news options and get exactly what they want out of the Facebook experience.

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This Winter, Grow Your Farm’s Brand Image with Content Marketing

Right now, farmers across the country are holed up inside preparing tillage equipment, sprayers and planters for the spring growing season. But with the downtime of winter, it’s the perfect time for farm managers to sit back and think about another topic that will be vital to success once it’s time to get back outside in the soil: brand image.


According to owner of Innovus Agra LLC Brett Oelke, brand image will have a direct impact on one of the most important factors of running a successful farm operation: your bottom line.

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Time Out: Let’s Talk About Your Content Marketing Strategy

When the time comes for Kobe Bryant to hang up his uniform and retire, he will be on the fast track to the Basketball Hall of Fame. With five championship rings on his fingers, four All-Star game MVPs in 14 appearances, a record of 15 All-NBA selections and 12 All-Defensive team awards, Bryant has become a household name throughout the world. His brand is recognized everywhere from Los Angeles to Beijing.


You could imagine the shock, then, for Boston College students when but a few minutes into a recent lecture on how the NBA is a model for successful international marketing, the door to the class opened and in walked Bryant himself.

“It was surreal,” explained Professor Nick Nugent when about the experience.

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Channel Your Inner Minuteman to Bounce Back Your Brand

I know it’s only January, but I’m already getting excited about college basketball—mainly because my Alma Mater, UMass, is currently holding down the number 19 spot in the nation. And after a victory over rival St. Joseph’s, all signs indicate that they could move up even further in the rankings.

4704575195_a9006fc904In case you are unfamiliar with UMass basketball, there hasn’t been much to get excited about over the past 15 years. But this year, the Minutemen are carrying themselves a little bit differently. While there is still a long season to go, at 13-1 UMass is in a great spot and has re-established itself as a college basketball powerhouse. There is a pulse in the Mullins Center again, and it looks like UMass finally has what it takes to get a little mad when March basketball rolls around.

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Don’t Lose Out on Post-Christmas Sales: Optimize for Mobile

It’s Christmas night. Your family has passed out from all of the excitement, your gifts have all been unwrapped and there is nothing left to do but sit down with the remaining cookies and watch Ralphie shoot his eye out in “A Christmas Story” for the 10 millionth time.

Boxing_Day_at_the_Toronto_Eaton_CentreHere is a better plan: put down the plate of cookies, turn off the television and think about whether your business is prepared to handle the legions of shoppers that will be looking for holiday sales in just a few hours. Next to Black Friday, the day after Christmas is one of the busiest days of the year for shoppers. In order to find the best sales, consumers will be performing searches via mobile devices as they browse at home on the sofa or out around town.

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